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Essence and Differentiation of the BXK Token

  • December 11, 2018

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  • Bitbook

This  year, the world's first cryptocurrency will be 10 years old. This currency is not only an all-purpose tool for the purchase of of goods and services on the Internet but also a very lucrative business. The discovery of cryptocurrency as an anonymous, decentralized monetary system is step up for the gambling industry.


Today, online gambling games have become popular and in countries where gambling is legal, this business produces billions of dollars. The problem is that no one knows how fair the mechanisms on these platforms are:  Does the player really have a chance of winning in the long term?


Measures of Using BXK token


The Bitbook platform appeared in May, 2018 and has been highly regarded as a Bitcoin-only online casino among passionate players all over the world. The platform sees itself as the sportsbook and online casino for the future.


In early 2019, the ICO company, BitBook, will release their own cryptocurrency BXK, and players will be able to use these tokens as game currency. Gamers can choose any cryptocurrency to bet, but using BXK tokens will be beneficial due to the numerous advantages for gamblers and betters.


One of these advantages is the compensation for up to 10% of losses on bets. In addition, Bitbook will be steadily reducing the supply of tokens over time, which, in turn, will result in an immediate increase in their value due to the simple laws of supply and demand.


Transferring assets to or from an account will occur almost immediately. The only time is spent on authentication procedures and verifications. Customers can deal with transactions with a minimal cost. As the operator, Bitbook benefits from the possibility for the worldwide transfer of assets. Players can get quick payouts at any time by trading the tokens in their Bitbook account to a cryptocurrency of their choice and requesting a payout of assets.


The Bitbook platform uses the BXK token as the method of exchange. All players on the platform can bet and play in Bitbook games and sports using these tokens. For the customers, who use the BXK token, the main advantage is the opportunity to buy different goods or services, hence the classification of the BXK token as a Utility token.Further advantages include exclusive giveaways and lotteries for BXK holders.


The Bitbook Team puts in motion advanced tokenomics to ensure the price stability of the BXK token. Fundamental financial matters express the idea that any benefit, i.e. currency, increases in value with expanding requests. As the platform's inner currency, Bitbook tokens are utilized in each exchange. The more agents (players) who utilize the currency, the higher its value becomes. At the same time, by regularly burning a portion of the tokens, the Bitbook team ensures that the BXK token price will remain high due to the decreased supply and demand.


Structure of the Bitbook Token


Bookmakers gain their income by accepting bets on the results of sporting events. It is this income which underlies the financial aspects of the Bitbook token. Because of the manner in which the diversion is set, probabilities support the casino. The probability of the gambling club winning is always higher than the probability of the client winning. This guideline or the "law of big numbers" applies to all bets the bookmakers acknowledge, whether it is  sports or casino betting, shown by the well known case of the "0" field on the roulette board.


Taking a general view, there is a settled connection among the accompanying elements: the conversion standard of the token, the collected incomes of the Bitbook platform, the quantity of platform clients and the aggregate volume of bets placed. The higher the platform's incomes rise, the higher the  number of tokens being repurchased and consumed will be, diminishing the quantity of Bitbook tokens in the supply. The ensuing decline in the aggregate supply of BXK tokens, which makes the value of the tokens go up.


Bitbook has the capacity to get a worldwide audience of passionate players and gamesters. No matter what, they can place sports bets and play casino games while profiting from minimal deposit expenses and fast payouts.


Visit Bitbook today on www.bitbook.ag and try out their games with a free demo account!